KM Terminal_9
Ribbon Cutting Ceremoney of KM Terminal (Photo: New Image)

Yangon – November 11, 2018– Yangon Dry Port, which aims to serve Yangon river ports and Thilawa ports by avoiding traffic congestion and lower logistics cost – officially opens for services in Ywar Thar Gyi as of today.

KM Terminal & Logistics Limited implemented the dry port projects under Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) system.

KM Terminal_6
KM Terminal Logistics in Ywar Thar Gyi (Photo: New Image)

“We are extremely proud to announce the opening of Ywar Thar Gyi Dry Port in Yangon today. This dry port will now link by road and railway with our Mandalay’s Myit Nge Dry Port that started operations since May 2018,” said U Nyi Htut, General Manager of KM Terminal and Logistics Limited.

Yangon Dry Port can speed the flow of cargo between vessels and major land transportation networks and creating new values to consignees and exporters.

KM Terminal_10
(Photo: New Image)

It will provide customs inspection on-site, 24/7 operation, container maintenance and cleaning services, IT track and trace, on-site weight scale machine, cargo insurance and import-export duty exemption for re-export cargo.

“With more than 20 years of cargo handling experience from management team, the two dry ports facilities will improve the movement of imports and exports, moving the time-consuming sorting, away from the congestion of Yangon traffic and low down the logistics cost by using modern machinery and computer control system. Also, worry-free with insurance coverage by using rail from port to dry ports,” U Nyi Htut added.

KM Terminal_16
Aerial view of KM Terminal Logistics (Photo: New Image)

Ywar Thar Gyi Dry Port and Myit Nge Dry Port, which strategically located in the center of Myanmar will support trading between lower and upper Myanmar and eventually open up trading toward neighboring countries.

KM Terminal_17
Aerial view of KM Terminal Logistics (Photo: New Image)

“KMTL appreciates the importance of the Dry Ports in Ywar Thar Gyi and Myit Nge, to the economy of the country, and as a primary mode of moving cargoes efficiently through the Yangon/Mandalay economic corridor, KMTL will institute plans to bring about the following new transport set up.

1) The facility to store, load and unload cargoes for either import/export or for onward distribution within the country.

2) The ability to transport safely and economically by road and railway with timely schedules.

3) An onsite one-stop logistics solutions that allow customers to customize their cargo handling needs to world-class standard including on site customs inspections, fumigation, quality inspection and bonded warehouse.

4) Ability to provide door-to-door freight forwarding services to and from origins and destinations worldwide.

5) Working together with renowned shipping lines to promote the Dry Ports as suitable inland container depots to all business partners worldwide.”


KM Terminal_8
Media interview session  (Photo: New Image)


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